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Qiuping Lu

President and CEO

Thoughtful Investment (China) Co., Ltd. is a professional investment management CEO health clubs, hotels and other high-end mainstream Guild Member strategic investment company.  It is designed to provide high-end merchants, aristocratic elite, successful experience Jinling health and quality of life.


Investment company's "thoughtful CEO health club" is set Placenta Beauty, Health SPA, health treatments, relaxing reflexology treatments such as green as one of the super-star health club, designed to honor the success of the community to provide elegant First casual service. The fashion leisure club Valencia style and cultural atmosphere perfect combination regimen, a leading international five-star management, adherence to the "elite service elite", promote healthy, green, green, low-carbon, leading the high-end health and leisure industry and sustainable development.


Vision and Core Values

Thoughtful way: again and again, continuously, love and health to give every customer. Thoughtful vision: to build China's first brand health club! Train one thousand millionaires! Funded one thousand poor children! Construction of twenty Hope Primary School! Thoughtful mission: endless struggle for human health and longevity. Thoughtful purpose: employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, so that investors satisfied! 周道信read: only create value for customers, companies can survive! Thoughtful style: with love to do business and gratitude man. Thoughtful Spirit: 100% responsible, our commitment. Thoughtful core values: love intentions appreciation and sincere love of customers, employees, shareholders week cycle of innovation focused persist in a steady stream of responsibility to play in the road ahead


Since thoughtful investment Limited first flagship store - thoughtful CEO (Kunshan) health club since its inception, thoughtful fortunate to have leaders at all levels, to all shareholders, the majority of members, partners and thoughtful of you to join his comrades on Thoughtful strong support and love, is this love merged into a week Taoist self-reliance, hard work and a source of strength ahead.

Looking at 2012, the health care industry to flourish, thoughtful will usher in a year of opportunities. In this year, will be full of pride thoughtful continue to implement its strategic plan: to build the first brand in health clubs and chains; continue to uphold our service: with love and careful, with patience and a sense of responsibility, with no discerning professional standards, allowing customers to experience the unparalleled comfort distinguished pleasure, achieve the ultimate honor to enjoy. At the same time, we will build strong thoughtful unique corporate culture: the family of companies - to build a people-oriented management model family, between internal staff to create a mutual understanding, tolerance, paying atmosphere, develop a highly cohesive Team; schools and enterprises: Create a learning organization, build strong style, vibrant learning enterprise, cultivate one with the strongest learning ability and progressive spirit of the team; corporate militarization: build militarized management, training having a strong executive power and combat effectiveness of the team, so companies are more stable development.

The road is long Come. How much value does not lie in personal wealth, but rather to help many people realize their dreams and values, can make much contribution to society! Looking ahead, the week Taoist will adhere to the enterprise as a platform, a nationwide chain fully expand thoughtful, committed to fight the Chinese health club thoughtful first brand and chain. Thoughtful business growing to, again and again, continue to love and health delivery to a customer, create value for money services to customers; allow shareholders to maximize return on investment; allow customers and partners to join you by week Road this platform to make more high-end networking, integration of network resources, to achieve a win-win; make thoughtful thoughtful comrades in this platform to demonstrate their talent and realize self-worth.

Finally, we warmly welcome the love of the industry and the desire to have a healthy regimen of high-end network resources more friends come to visit, to discuss cooperation. I believe that you will certainly worthwhile, get unexpected results. And I love my core team is very healthful industry, and for your efforts to build a high-end network resources integrated platform, we will in the struggle for life. In addition, we will continue learning and innovation, and do everything in our humble contribution to the cause of health for the mission and work!

About China Herb Group Holdings Corporation


China Herb Group Holdings Corporation (CHGH) is a professional investment management CEO health clubs, hotels and other high-end mainstream Guild Member strategic investment company. It is designed to provide high-end merchants, aristocratic elite, successful experience Jinling health and quality of life.

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