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Brave New World - high style health leisure bloom into the club, described as a step in the water, look everywhere style. Suzhou elegant style and modern fashion the perfect fusion of style everywhere, Valencia royal palace-like space decorated with elegant and luxurious beauty of tone beautiful. In the elegant and melodious music, looked up, the water curtain wall light surreal, modern arty grid and associated gallery layout, minimalist palace lighting, soft curtain Yiyi continental curtains, all presented to you Do not have a fantastic multicultural experience with international flavor. In order to make every customer visit thoughtful, to fully experience the elegant, quiet, harmony, comfort and aesthetics to the environment warm, thoughtful demanding perfection of every detail. In perfect interpretation of the elegant, thoughtful presents with a comprehensive physical and mental feast. Thoughtful corner - only lightly coffee bar here is Qing Tang Ya room. Here is another little piece of paradise! Whether Tuscan style of thousands, Provence wine estate in the music festival, gluttonous or Western cuisine, have been invited here. Optional "only lightly" coffee bar corner sit, or contour friends Junyou. Expresso a cup of coffee, can leisurely browse the pages turn, you can rest, you can meditate. Coffee bar in the lobby waiting area decorated space layout, the perfect blend of understated minimalism with ornate European-style, while elegant style, light music with a little gentle waltz slowly out of the stack of rippling waves of imported wine goblet , decorated with a variety of hot and cold beverages, desserts and delicious snacks, music, scenery and the lush aroma of coffee make you food for thought, Chu Chen lotus.



Foot Reflexology therapy is a health dharmas in one, it is warmed by the action of water, mechanical action and chemical action by means of steam and liquid fumigation of drug treatment effect, play dredge Feng Li, scattered wind cooling, through of bones, qi and blood, so as to achieve enhanced cardiovascular function, improve sleep, fatigue, eliminate sub-health state, enhance human immunity and a series of health benefits.



Health Treatment

Physical health, including massage, massage, Gua Sha, cupping, medicated bath, drug import, electrotherapy and other natural and physical therapy. Because of its safety, quick, belongs to the internationally recognized green health care law, so much favored by people from various countries. In particular, Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years of physical health, has long been ingrained in people's minds.



Chinese Massage

Chinese massage, also known as "massage", "by Rocker", "guidance", "case sway" and so on. Is based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory, in specific parts of the body surface to impose a variety of techniques, or with some physical activity, to restore or improve physical function approach. Modern massage only a few hundred years of history, the way few species, mainly as relax muscles and promote blood flow, relieve fatigue, relieve psychosomatic purposes. Traditional Chinese medicine and massage (massage) has a long history of thousands of years, a wide variety of techniques can be treated inside and outside, women, children and orthopedic diseases.



SPA Presidential Suite

Life is proud to be the best reward, there is a respect for Yao only for the exclusive.


SPA presidential suite is thoughtful to seven-star super luxury experience standards established between SPA theme, only this one seat, the supreme honor. This is a bring you peace of mind and body in harmony halls, most professional Thai health consultant with consummate skill and the health of the law, you create a fantasy atmosphere of calm came loose; Thai herbal therapy combines with modern Western , take you to unimaginable luxury; refreshing aromatherapy oils, soft music and exquisite beauty of the tropical landscape, take you into paradise.

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China Herb Group Holdings Corporation (CHGH) is a professional investment management CEO health clubs, hotels and other high-end mainstream Guild Member strategic investment company. It is designed to provide high-end merchants, aristocratic elite, successful experience Jinling health and quality of life.

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